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i though i should have a real intro page, even though im not that good at writing about myself. HA! anyways. the basic shit is im yves solium (not my legal last name youd have to venmo me 4 that) im 16. im a black dude. im incredibly short and i do a gay ass hand on hip stance everywhere i go. i use he/him pronouns (or hy/hymn if yr feeling spicy). im covered in leeches as i type this. im a martyr, im the transsexual saint sebastian, im slowly decaying, im a man of a muppet and a muppet of a man. i have a scar on my shin. i know enough dinosaur facts to impress small children. thats everything you need to know i put all that stuff on my resume too.

i know normally people use the other spaces on these pages 2 talk about shows n movies n stuff they like but you can find all that info on my letterboxd or shrines. ill share some cooler stuff instead

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