11.24.2022: added music shrine page.
11.25.2022: overhaul of front, added nin shrine
11.22.2022:overhaul of the entire site! including the name! this page is waspnests now since the old url was fucked up beyond repair. basicly recreated the site from sticks and clay. yippie


welcome to the WASPNEST. an awful digital hive for the artist formerly known as YVES SOLIUM. im a goth boy(lady) from somewhere in the midwest. im into a ton of weird shit. I fucking hate the modern internet and think it should be 2005 4ever (FUCK YOU ELON MUSK). here im posting about post punk music, whatever im reading, and stuff im doing to avoid completing my many homework assignments.

this page doesnt have organization... yet. im going about fixing it but i refuse to experince time lineraly and i have executive disfunction so its taking awhile to edit. apprecate how ugly it is ! im commiting to the cringe HTML gothic gimmick!

check the links and sign my guestbook... if you dare...