finally gonna get back into bloging here! i love using this page as a place to vomit out my thoughts. wash rinse repeat. i spent the whole day doing nothing today. its thanksgiving n me and my family really dont care, may be the only cool thing my family does. im still awake and it about 5:30 am. somtimes i dont really know why i do this, staying up all night for no reason other then ruining tommrow...

other then that.. im back in my nin phase, im very into their woodstock 94' show rn. one of my fave nin shows ever i think. im very basic and my fave album is the downward spiral and i just got a cd of it to play in my cd player (the cd player hello kitty themed..omg) so hyped to finally listen through that album again. i love when albums feel like their actually meant to be listened too in 1 sitting. anyways ttyl